Home News 80 Cars Vandalized, 6 Stolen in Columbus Airport Thefts

80 Cars Vandalized, 6 Stolen in Columbus Airport Thefts


COLUMBUS – If you are heading to the airport for vacation be aware that over the last few days a serious crime has occurred at the Columbus airport. Some people returning from flights have found damage to their vehicles

According to sources at the Airport every day since last Thursday there have been vehicle break-ins at CMH including several auto vehicle thefts. Its mainly windows are being busted out and stuff getting gone through. It’s been the Red, Blue, Green parking lots but a few employees have been hit also.

Police told Sciotopost that two of the vehicle have been recovered from the six-vehicle thefts in the lots. One of them recovered in Worthington.

My advice to travelers… Make sure you leave nothing important in your vehicles including registration/titles, park in a well-lit area, park by a camera, or even one of the pickup spots as busses go through every 10 to 20 minutes.

If you get back from your destination and see vehicle damage contact the airport comm center immediately and let them know what row you are in and they will send an officer.