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7-Year-Old’s Vision Leads to New Playground in Circleville


Circleville, OH – Sebastian Nelson, a determined and visionary 7-year-old, has successfully initiated the creation of a playground near his home at Ohio Heights apartments, showing how even the youngest members of the community can make a significant impact.

In March 2023, then 6-year-old Sebastian visited the Pickaway County Community Action Organization (PICCA) and presented his idea to Executive Director Becky Hammond. The confident Circleville Elementary first grader, accompanied by his mother Paige Giffin and his three siblings, made a compelling case for the installation of a playground in his neighborhood.

“He told me there is nothing for children to do, and that a playground would be fun and benefit the community,” Hammond recalled. “He said that many families at Ohio Heights and nearby Lincoln Heights do not have transportation to get to Barthelmas Park, the closest playground to the complexes. He also said that children were afraid to walk the nearly one-mile distance to the park because it means crossing busy Kingston Pike.”

Moved by Sebastian’s heartfelt plea, Hammond and PICCA Housing Director Nicole Smith initiated efforts to create a playground on a 4,300-square-foot plot of land at Ohio Heights, which already had a small climbing and slide structure donated years ago.

Sebastian’s dream began to take shape on July 3, when a new swing set was installed at the site. Funded by PICCA’s operating budget, the swing set cost $12,000, and an additional $2,100 was spent on mulch for the area. Improvements were also made to the chain-link fence surrounding the playground.

“We’re determined to make it happen for our families,” Hammond said. “This is merely the first step.”

At a ribbon-cutting event, Sebastian was the first to use the new swing set, followed by his 10-year-old brother, Chase, and other children from the complex. The joy on Sebastian’s face underscored the impact of his efforts and demonstrated how one person’s initiative can bring about meaningful change in their community.

“We are just so thankful,” Giffin said. “The children will love this.”

Sebastian, who dreams of becoming a professional football player or even the President of the United States, is already making strides towards a brighter future for his community.

For those interested in supporting the Ohio Heights/Lincoln Heights Playground Project, donations can be made by contacting Becky Hammond at (740) 477-1655, Ext. 1000, or by emailing her at [email protected].