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Today is International Left Handers Day


CIRCLEVILLE – Finding scissors, having to learn to hold out your right hand when shaking hands, wearing the weird glove at baseball practice.  Lefties conform to a right-handed world every day.  Only about 10% of the world is left-handed according to left-handersday.com being in the minority makes life a little more challenging to live.

Some of the daily activities left-handers have to deal with:

  • kitchen knives are sharp only on the right side, so cutting is difficult
  • Scissors are the worst! Made to fit right-handed people, try cutting with your left-hand today and see!
  • Most baseball gloves are made for right-handers so you can’t always join in when you don’t have your glove.
  • School desks are sometimes tricky to use because the armrest supports only the right side.
  • Video games are even more difficult
  • Spiral notebooks your hand rests on the metal rings.
  • You know the cap of pens unscrews when your a lefty from writing?  Turning the screw counterclockwise loses the nut, right-handers rotate the screw clockwise.

Even Credit card swipers are made for right-handers
Living in a right-handed world has its ups and downs.  According to BBC, left-handers have different ways they handle information they think differently and store information.  Left-handers have to adapt to life more regularly, so it gives them the ability to logic and solve problems because they do it so frequently in daily tasks.

Whos a left-hander out there?  I am, and I know it been difficult, but I’m happy that I am different!