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2018 Street Improvement Project for Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – “Road repairs for the city of Circleville comes in at 871,034.66 dollars, with plans to make sure to spend the full 1,000,000,” said Don Sherman Service/Utility director for the city of Circleville.
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When Councilman asked why we are doing more double chip roads, Sherman said,”We are currently 15 years behind on roads.  We are going to use a different method of double chip this year; last years was a double chip and fog.  The fog was a light coat on the top, and it made for a rougher ride than expected.  So this year we will be doing a double chip and micro surface. The micro surface is a thicker layer on top of the chip; we also learned using a smaller stone on the second layer to improve the ride.  The goal is to get to every street and get caught up promptly, if we mill and fill every street we will be 20 years trying to catch up.”

Councilman Barry Keller said, “I’m concerned with the public reaction to double chip, last year we had a few complaints about it.  I just can’t imagine what their reactions will be.”

Roads that will receive double chip and micro surface

  • Kimberly Place
  • North Scioto Place (high to north cut de sac)
  • Chatham Dr. (Harwich to 405 Chatham)
  • Harwich (Walnut Creek to east end)
  • Atwater (Victor to North End)
  • Forestview
  • East High (Washington to Ruth)
  • West Water (Btwn Scioto and Western)
  • Lawn wood Ct
  • Lawn wood Dr. (Meadow to Ridgedale)
  • Corwin (Clinton to Washington)

 Slurry sealed roads that were crack sealed last year 

  • Clark Dr
  • Watt dr
  • High
  • Western
  • Franklin
  • Logan
  • Camber
  • Brookpark
  • Sage
  • Meadowbrooke
  • Barnes

Roads being crack sealed this year

  • Mound (SR 56 to Pickaway St) and (Scioto to US 23 ramp)
  • Scioto St (Mound to High)
  • Chatham (405 Chatham to east end)




  1. Why is Beverly Rd off Northridge always forgotten. It is nothing but big potholes in the patches upon patches. It is terrible!

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