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200 Years of Community, Amanda Ohio Celebrates


200 years after our country’s independence the world celebrated. The nation commemorated its founding as a gesture of patriotism. Throughout the nation, nostalgia of the American past littered locally sponsored events. It was a time of rebirth with a renewed sense of pride and focus on traditional values. The restoration came at such a pivotal time in history, with communities becoming fractured with war and prejudice. The Bicentennial celebration brought together a nation in need of remembrance of what our nation was built upon.
43 years after our nation observed its bicentennial, the Village of Amanda will pay homage to their 200-year birth. Just like America, the village’s bicentennial has come at just the right moment in time. As the nation faces war, poverty, social unrest, political divide, violence, drug/alcohol abuse, shifting economy, materialism, and the erosion of national pride and identity. Coming together as a community is invariably important. Ted Kennedy once said, “What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.”
Throughout the village’s 200 years, in spite of the world around them, the community pride and dedication has never faltered. It didn’t matter if it was a school function, local sporting game, social event, charity, or just a neighbor in need, the village residents pulled together to support their community.
The bicentennial celebration is no different. Councilwoman Charlena Fisher said, “We have community leaders, business owners, churches, residents, and volunteers of all ages pulling together to create a memorable event. The planning committee further said, “This isn’t your typical festival event. We are not here to make a profit, so sponsors are needed, instead we are here to honor all that helped make our community what it is today.” Granted Amanda’s little niche in this world can never hold a candle to the nations celebration, but for the residents it will be just as special.
On August 3, 2019 the Bicentennial Celebration will focus on days of old, with crocheting & quilting, cake walks, pioneer games, arts and crafts, picnics, local foods, and talent shows. As well as new, with a farmer’s market/craft vendors, ice cream socials, outhouse races, movies, and fireworks. Local businesses will also be hosting an art/history walk, where students can display their art and the businesses can share their history.

 Once again, like the national celebration, this commemoration has sparked a renewed fellowship of community support. The committee’s hope is that everyone witnessing this unity, this 200-years of community, will dream of a brighter tomorrow. Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Dream big Village of Amanda! Detailed event fliers and sign-up sheets for the Village of Amanda’s Bicentennial Celebration can be found on the village’s website at www.villageofamanda.com.

Written by Carrie Collison Ayers