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Tecumseh Announces New October Drama Dracula


CHILLICOTHE – Since 2018 Tecumseh Chillicothe’s outdoor drama has brought a new play to the area that has become a staple for things to do during the Halloween season Haunted Mountain series, this year they are moving away from sleepy hollow that ran for two years and now premiering a new haunt The Passion of Dracula for 2021.

According to Tecumseh they will tell the tale of the Dracula, along with a traveling carnival that has been visited Chillicothe since 1853 the Calea Victoriei. The carnival will offer on site during the drama a interactive carnival extravaganza, featuring fortune tellers, tarot card readers, exotic foods, and more! 

Performances of The Passion of Dracula will take place in the theatre at 7PM and 9PM on each Friday and Saturday in October.

On the grounds they will offer an escape room again but this time it will be based on the play called, “escaping Dracula’s Library.”

“This interactive night of entertainment will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced,” said Tecumseh.

The first year of Sleepy Hollow was sold out quickly get your tickets in advance here: https://tecumsehdrama.com/contact/