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Stoutsville Street Outlaw CJ Buckner Races Discovery Channel’s Doughboy


It has been a record year for Stoutsville’s very own Ohio Street Outlaw CJ Buckner driver of Raggedy Ann. Raggedy Ann started the year off good by making it to the finals racing against Boosted GT from the TV show street outlaws on discovery channel at a track event in Kentucky. The year continued to go well with a first place win at Pacemakers Dragway and also getting the #1 spot on Ohio street outlaws small tire list.

Raggedy ann began to win crowds over during a wheelie on test hit at a track, video on Facebook gained fans. The highlight of this year came when the car got the invite to go to Memphis and film for the new upcoming show Memphis street outlaws. The invite came with a short timeline and Raggedy Ann was not 100% during filming but gained Memphis street respect when doing a wheelie during a test hit on the street. During the filming CJ met Brad Eglin/b-rad driver of Luminasty a big tire care and was invited to attend the filming of a big money race on show Street Outlaws 405 as a spectator. raggedy Ann will also be on discovery a new show no prep on the bowling green episode where it received a standing ovation from the crowd.

In The Driver's Seat | Doughboy vs CJ Buckner

Doughboy making pops proud on those Memphis streets!

Catch up now if y'all missed the race: http://bit.ly/2Gyvs2O

Posted by Street Outlaws on Friday, February 2, 2018

The experiences have been unforgettable, and continue to inspire him to make Raggedy ann better and faster. CJ has continued to attend several no prep track events set to air on discovery new show coming in 2018. He has also held on to Ohio Street Outlaws #1 small tire spot. Being a street racer sometimes proves difficult with trying to maintain safety for all involved. The Ohio Street Outlaws have taken best measures to do so with having to run some tracks backward to obtain “true street” feel. Ideally the racers hope to secure a secluded street or a private airport to hold events, invite spectators, and invite racers from others states to race. The community could use some positive highlights and these events have been proven to pack the people in if a location is able to be approved. Memphis, 405, and New Orleans all have been able to achieve this and that is where there filming takes place. CJ hopes that Raggedy Ann continues to gain respect and do well in 2018 season. He does state that adjustments to improve car are continuing to grow in cost. He does not have any sponsors and has built the car on his own. Working a full-time job while continuing to race has proven to take more time to obtain funds to invest into care so it can keep up with other small tire cars. However as always he plans to continue to try to achieve new goals for next year. Street Outlaws 405 on discovery channel is set to air November 27th at 9 pm. The air date for Memphis, New Orleans and no prep series will be announced soon. You can follow CJ on his Facebook page Raggedy Ann and show your support for your local street racer.


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