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State Highway Patrolman Lifeflighted After Being Hit by Semi


MARIETTA – A trooper was transported by air helicopter around 8 am this morning when during a traffic stop was hit by a semi driver that failed to move over for emergency vehicles.

Sgt. Eric Knowlton was performing a traffic stop on interstate 77 near Marietta, and was in the car at the time of the accident. The semi who hit the troopers car also hit the stopped vehicle, causing injuries to them as well.  Knowlton was airlifted to Grant medical hospital and the other two who where injuries were sent to local hospitals. Emergency crews needed the jaws of life to get the trooper out of the car and had to remove the roof.

According to Ohio going blue he has a broken femur and tibia, but is awake and alert at this time.

Ohio State Troopers want to remind drivers:Ohio law requires drivers to move over or slow down and proceed with caution when approaching stationary public safety vehicles with lights activated.


  1. I moved over for one a couple days ago…was even in the 3rd lane on 75 going north…4 of you on the right shoulder…2 left one jumped in the crossover and the other made a left turn from the right lane to catch that same crossover…cut off two lanes of traffic just to keep from missing that crossover…evwrybody moved over for them and he had to go and do something like that damn near costed him and a woman their lives and damn near ruined mine…they arent so great either…they need to be the proffessional they are supposed to be just like me in my semi truck…thank GOD!!

  2. I hope and pray for the state patrolman that got hit by the semi pulls through he has a guardian angel looking over him and I also pray for his family I’m Ron Collins from Jackson Ohio

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