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Restoration Underway for Former Fairgrounds 106 Locomotive



Formal repairs are underway for the 106 Locomotive, which was removed from the Pickaway County Fairgrounds earlier this year.

According to Michael Fenstermaker, “[The] Exterior of 106’s all external appliances are off. All pipes, throttle removed from steam some and of the exterior had had six-inch squares marked out for us to do ultrasound testing. The work is slow going due to rust grease and dirt stuck thick to everything underneath.”

Michael also noted on the Sturm and Dillard 106 locomotive that the following “Pictures are from the business end of the locomotive. This is the firebox end. First picture is the tube sheet and the tubes. Other pictures are the side sheets rear sheet and more of the front sheet and tube sheet.

200+ man-hours have already been put into the restoration of the train, according to Michael. They are still in the process of disassembling the locomotive, and inspecting each and every component. There’s no current timetable on when the train will be back in action, as the length of repairs depends entirely on what repairs are needed once its fully disassembled. “Restoration goes at the speed of money, unfortunately” according to Michael. However, with 200 hours spent on the train, its certain that great effort is being put into the train for the process of restoration.


Watch: A video of the 106 being loaded at the Pickaway Fairgrounds



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