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President Biden Lays Out Plan for Reopening During Pandemic


WASHINGTON – President Biden in a slew of executive orders rolled out plans for reopening of the US.

10 orders are aimed at increasing vaccinations, having professional outline reopening of schools and businesses, and immediate use of masks until April, with a requirement for mask-wearing while traveling. One directive was aimed at specifically minority communities and health care in those areas.

The Presidents new mandate will now require any transport providers to require masks, though most already do. But this order will make it a federal mandate.

President Biden and his administration is aiming high at 100 million vaccination shots in 100 days in office, along with opening k-8 schools to be open within those days.

The President is aiming to use the Defense production act for direct manufacturing, similar to when Trump used the same act in August to increasing critical medical resource supplies and domestic manufacturing.

Most of the funding for these programs will be in a 1.9 trillion packaged proposed by Biden that includes 1,400 dollar direct payments, national vaccination strategy with expanded testing requires $160 billion, and he wants another $170 billion to aid the reopening of schools and universities.