Home News UPDATE: Police on Scene of Man Threatening to Burn House Down

UPDATE: Police on Scene of Man Threatening to Burn House Down


CIRCLEVILLE – Police have responded to a event where a man has threatened to burn a home down on 200 block of south Scioto street.

According to early reports around 6 officer units and fire units were called to the scene of the 200 block of Scioto street after a possible domestic call became a threat to burn the home down.

Police have arrested a man at the scene of the situation.

Update: CIRCLEIVLLE РOn May 4th 2020 at 1408 Hrs. The Circleville Police Department received a 911 call in reference to an active domestic dispute at 212 S. Scioto St. On arrival responding officers were advised a male individual later identified as Ted Ramey had barricaded himself in the basement and was threating to burn the house down with the children inside. Officers immediately evacuated all residents from the house. Additional members of the Circleville Police Department arrived on scene to assist initial responding officers.
Ted refused to open the basement door requiring officers to force entry into the basement. Officers located Ted in a crawlspace off the basement. Ted made multiple verbal threats stating he was going to light the house and officers on fire, Ted then poured gas out and held a lit lighter over the gasoline. While officers were talking to Ted, a second group of officers located another entry point into the crawlspace and staged with K-9 Serg in the crawlspace. Additional officers were staged with members of the Circleville Fire Department in case a peaceful resolution was not able to be reached. Ted complied with officers after seeing K-9 Serg enter the crawlspace and was taken into custody without incident.
We would like to thank the Circleville Fire Department, Circleville Probation Officers, and Pickaway County Intensive Supervision Officers for all their assistance in bringing the potentially deadly situation to a peaceful resolution. Ted Ramey was arrested and transported to the county jail. Ted will be arraigned tomorrow morning in Circleville Municipal Court.