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Upgrades continue at Berger



Berger Health System is continuing the hospital’s ongoing efforts to transform the remaining double occupancy rooms to single patient rooms.

Earlier this year, ten single patient rooms were completed.

“The single patient rooms will provide state-of-the-art care in a soothing, patient-friendly atmosphere,” said Tim Colburn, president and CEO of Berger Health System. “The new rooms will provide a private setting for patients to heal, while giving our staff the space and tools to deliver care.”

Single patient rooms have become the industry standard in hospital environments. Single patient rooms reduce the possibilities for infection, facilitate nurses and healthcare workers’ ability to do their jobs efficiently as well as provide adequate spaces for family members to participate in the healing process of the patients. The room design also reduces noise levels and traffic which reduces patient stress levels, resulting in a faster healing time for the patient.

Along with the construction of the single patient rooms, construction continues in the radiology and imaging department.

“We are focused on making improvements for our patients and community so that we can deliver a high level of care locally,” Colburn said. “Keeping patients’ needs in mind is our top priority.”

Berger Health Foundation recently concluded a $3 million capital campaign to help fund 31 single patient rooms.

“Construction of the single patient rooms is a reflection of strong community support,” said Don McIIroy, mayor of Circleville and Berger Health System chairperson. “We acknowledge the leadership role of Berger Health Foundation in the campaign and express our deepest gratitude to the residents of the community for their generosity.”

This article originally appeared on The Pickaway News Journal

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