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Online Petition to Open Camping Has Over 5,000 Signatures


OHIO – A online petition is making its way around Ohio aimed at rolling back restrictions on camping, and has over 5,000 signatures.

The online petition started by Alica Craycraft says, “Open camping at all campgrounds on the grounds that campers follow social distancing.”

Craycraft says she started the petition because she, “pays for a permanent campsite and money is being wasted. The mental health of my family is suffering from not being able to be at our home away from home.”

Others who have signed the petition argue similar points of owning permanent camping locations that they cannot use and feel this is a restriction to their home rights.

Others are concerned with the campgrounds ability to weather the storm of lost income.

“If we don’t allow the campgrounds to reopen they could be forced to close or file bankruptcy. There are to many small privately owned campgrounds that could suffer in the future. Obviously, state campgrounds are state funded but the private ones are not. So open them up ASAP. Let us be adults. This is our decision what we will do for recreation. The future of family recreation is in our governors hands,” said Jim R. a day ago on the petition.

To see the petition or sign it click here:https://sign.moveon.org/petitions/open-camping-1?fbclid=IwAR2GU9Qw9YO3kvwXO8RWXwOwRWFa-0k4JizFNpnONCFyV3tUWPmCFH_fe28