Home News Ohio Wildlife Council Proposes Increase in Candian Geese Daily Limits

Ohio Wildlife Council Proposes Increase in Candian Geese Daily Limits


OHIO – Ohio wildlife council proposed several outlines to the 2021-22 hunting season, one proposal that stood out was an increase to Canadian Geese limits.

The proposal would allow five geese to be harvested per day during open seasons across all waterfowl hunting zones. A limit of one brant was not proposed to change. The current waterfowl hunting season allows a combined limit of three Canada geese, white-fronted geese, and brant.

During Ohio’s goose hunting season, Canada geese are most commonly harvested, while white-fronted geese and brant are less common. This change is designed to allow additional harvest of abundant, resident Canada geese, and is based on research that shows limited impact to the migratory subspecies. Hunter preference surveys support the increased bag limit.

A notable update that was also proposed Wednesday would permit active military and veterans to hunt alongside a youth hunter during the special youth, active military, and veterans waterfowl hunting weekend. Previously, a youth hunter was required to hunt with a nonhunting adult, and this proposed change will allow eligible participants to hunt together.

complete list of proposed hunting season dates for 2021-2022 are available at wildohio.gov. Proposals for Ohio’s white-tailed deer, wild turkey, furbearers, and small game hunting seasons will be presented at the next Ohio Wildlife Council meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021.