Home News Ohio Fire Department Warns of Mini Drug Containers While Hiking

Ohio Fire Department Warns of Mini Drug Containers While Hiking


UTICA – Utica fire department is warning people who are starting to get out into the weather of a mini Methamphetamine labs called “Shake and Bake.”

Shake and Bake methamphetamine labs are basically containers like for example two liter bottles that have a mix of dangerous chemicals in them, these are portable meth labs with a mixture of household chemicals that creates the drugs.  The warning comes from finding these bottles after the drug has been extracted.  The chemicals used to manufacture this drug can be highly toxic and dangerous.  The bottles can even potentially explode when disturbed.  Illegal Drug manufactures toss these bottles out in parks and along sides of the road and should not be disturbed if you come across them.

The fire department is concerned because as people start getting out of their homes and into parks and walkways they may pick up trash to dispose of it and people can become exposed to the chemical, or worse the chemical can remix and cause toxic gases, fire and possibly a explosion.

If you come across a bottle like this dont pick it up contact local authorities that are trained to contain and dispose of these bottles. Local Circleville Police department explains the use of one of its new units.