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Ohio Beverage Association Warns of Increased Enforcement at Bars


OHIO – Gov. Dewine announced the reopening go bars and restaurants May 15th for outside dining and May 21 for inside dining, a Ohio Association is warning others that they will see a Increased Enforcement at these bars and restaurants.

“Last weekend represented the first trial run of reopening bars and restaurants in Ohio—a small but important step in moving Ohio toward reopening the economy. This weekend, outdoor patios and indoor spaces will be opened and there will be a massive push for increased enforcement,” said Ohio Licensed Beverage Association.

The group outlined what local restaurants and bars would have to “police” while operating.

“If a line forms, you will need to police social distancing, If a patron is walking around with a drink in hand, you may get a violation, post the information at the door and inform patrons as they enter that they MUST remain seated, especially when holding a drink.”

The group said that business owners not the customers that will be held responsible for violations. That the business is responsible for the lines outside of its residence.

Suggestion from the group were

  • Consider requiring reservations for seating.
  • If you require a reservation, post the information and a phone number at the door to discourage the formation of a line.
  • Consider table service only to mitigate patrons walking around with drinks.

Do you think it is the responsibility of the owner of the establishment or the patron?