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Circleville Accident Person Identified


Circleville- On June 17th, 2019, at 0935 hr. the Circleville Police Department received a 911 call regarding an injury involving a motor vehicle accident in front of 401 N. Court Street.
Investigation revealed that the driver of a Lincoln Blackwood p/u truck parked on the lot of 401 N. Court St. As the driver exited the truck, the vehicle began to roll backwards on to N. Court St. Witnesses described seeing the driver being in between the driver’s door and the frame of the vehicle.
The vehicle continued down the incline, rolling backwards, north bound, on N. Court St. The driver of the vehicle was thrown to the roadway as the vehicle, quickly, spun around to final rest in the front yard(s) of 407/409 N. Court St. The front tires(s) of the vehicle ran over the driver causing serious injuries. The driver died at the scene.
Update June 18th, 2019
The driver has been identified as Mary L. Wickline, age 85, of Circleville, Ohio.