Home News Newly Elected Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Arrested

Newly Elected Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Arrested


PICKERINGTON – A newly Elected Franklin County judge that has been charged with an OVI after a traffic stop late Thursday night in Pickerington. According to Pickerington Police, Monica Hawkins was pulled over after a call for an erratic driver by witnesses. Hawkins was pulled over on State Route 256 near Refugee Road.

According to the report, police smelled a strong odor of alcohol from the car and Hawkins had issues listing to police during the field sobriety test. She refused chemical tests so police requested a search warrant for a blood sample. Hawkins’ Court date is scheduled for February 14.

Hawkins was elected in November to the Franklin County – Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Division and Juvenile Branch.


  1. I am just going to wait and see how this plays out. My first (and only) OVI, barely over the limit and I was not only financially devastated, I was on probation for a year. My license was suspended for a year and I paid over $5k in fines. Let’s see if she has to take the bus for a year or if she gets it brushed under the rug.