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New Business: After Renovations Owners Plan to Open Around May


CIRCLEVILLE – The former Cucos Restaurant located at 23633 on US 23 South was spotted to be under renovations in August of last year, local hype and rumors circulated the story that the Mexican restaurant would open back up.  The building has seen many businesses over the years as Los Mariachi, Cucos, Azteca Cafe, Renos, Golden Corral, and a Big Boy among other restaurants, dating back to at least the 1990s.

The front has completely changed with new construction, windows have been moved up to accommodate bench seating inside.

The current owners Los Mariachis told Sciotopost in a statement back in August “They are trying to do some renovations to the building so it can be Leased.” He also said to me that Los Mariachis was not going to occupy the location again.  They are only renovating it to lease the property, and it has, much work before then.  Well according to the owner and contractors on site he has changed his mind, and this will become a Los Mariachis again.

Roof has been redone more windows have been added, may get a stucco like finish on the outside.

The owner told Sciotopost today that they have been renovating the entire building since July of 2018.  A ton of work needed to be completed but Circleville is becoming a place of interest for new business, and it connects his other Los Mariachis stores Chillicothe, South High Street, and Groveport.  Los Mariachis in Circleville was famous for its Mexican buffet.

Photo from Los Mariachi Facebook, inside of the Chillicothe location

According to the General Contractor on site, he has completed tons of work over the last six months completely revamping the store inside. The windows in the sides were moved up to accommodate bench booth seating, the front end was closed off and will become more seating.  He said the store will take on a look of the other Los Mariachis, and the owner hoped to open in April, but construction efforts have pushed it back to Late May.

Good News for Circleville Los Mariachis does fall into the zoning for the City and the City can collect taxes from the property.

Do you remember Los Mariachis?  Some people said it was renamed from Cuco’s at the time?