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NEW BUSINESS: New Morning Driven Business Coming to Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – Growth in Circleville was stagnant two years ago with only a few new openings but, in 2019 we started seeing a significant change in interest towards the area, particularly in the Southern US23 area of Circleville/Pickaway County.

During Wednesdays planning and zoning meeting more plans of construction and new business were discussed by companies interested in investing inside Circleville City Limits. I have already discussed the two construction companies that have interest in building 61 new homes inside city limits. What else came out of that meeting is two new businesses with plans to build.

One of those businesses is planning on building on one of the last sections of Progress Park is still a little bit of a secret. Discussions with the planning and zoning were lengthy on a much needed curb cut on Circle Lane that was not originally going to be allowed. Traffic on Circle lane is expected to incline over the next several years so planning and zoning were not going to allow a left hand turn from Circle lane into the new business. A compromise though may have been found with idea of a right in right out only in the curb cut on Circle lane that would be acceptable to the company.

The construction company wouldn’t not disclose the name of the company yet but they did say that the company has high traffic in the morning hours of 7 to 9 am. The location will give 35 spaces of parking and offer a drive through option. The plans would give access to customers through South Court Street and a right turn only onto Circle Lane to access US 23. The plans to build are located at the corner of Circle Lane and South Court Street. The new retail building is 2300 sq feet.

When the company finally announces its name we will be on top of it, but I do have a few guesses.