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NEW BUSINESS: Full List of Shops of Circleville


CIRCLEVILLE – Shops at Circleville started construction phase in early November, and the plans show the possibility of up to eight shops. There has been a lot of speculation on what new stores will open in the location, and now we have confirmed them all. Construction is planned to be done by spring for the buildings, at the location you can already you can see the beginning of the walls going up.

Some of the buisnesses moving to the location are already in the city and are relocating to this site, the list is:

  • Jimmy Johns
  • Posh Nails
  • Verizon
  • US Armed Forces Recruiting
  • Cricket
  • and according to a mailer that came out over the weekend they are looking for 6 store owner for the end drive thru location.

We spoke to the Jimmy Johns owner, he is a local that owns several stores in the area and is pretty excited to bring his subs to Circleville, heres that story.

Posh Nails is a popular Chillicothe nail salon location already, one customer gave us some feedback on that location. “they are the best salon in Chillicothe, prices are competitive with everyone else, they do the best job, the salon always make sure you are happy before you leave, and most of all if you have a issue they always take care of it.” Update: Chillicothe Posh Nails is not affiliated with the Circleville location.

Verizon is located not to far from this location already, but I was told by a Verizon Employee this may be a official Verizon store where you can get more services.

Us Armed Forces Recruiting is moving from Uptown Circleville to the South end.

Cricket wireless is a new store for the area, they offer prepaid phones and month-to-month service cell phone services.

The last location is up for grabs currently according to the flyer it offers 3,240 sq feet and gets seen by 10,000 cars a day for more information on this location contact REA advisors