Home News Nationwide Children’s Care Center Shut Down After Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Nationwide Children’s Care Center Shut Down After Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19


COLUMBUS – Nationwide children’s has shut down their day care center after a employee has tested positive for COVID-19

According to Nationwide Children’s hospital the employee worked two days while asymptomatic then called in when the employee started having symptoms. Nationwide immediately tested on their on site testing center and lab. The employee worked with two other staff members and took care of 11 children. All staff and family members have been notified and suggested to self quarantine for 14 days while be monitored for symptoms.

Children’s does not belie that this employee has come into contact with other children 150 other families were notified of the incident and will continue to be monitored by the hospital.

Out of caution Nationwide children’s has closed the child care center until further notice, and the hosptial will work with the families to offer them whatever support is needed.

Nationwide says, “that the employee followed all appropriate procedures, including daily on-site temperature checks prior to each day at work, and her prompt self-reporting of her symptoms resulted in the earliest possible detection.”

“Nationwide Children’s is deeply concerned about all children and staff impacted by this difficult news and will continually monitor and support each child, family and staff member.

As we embrace our coworkers and their children, we are encouraged that the hospital’s notification and testing protocols worked as intended including our ability to conduct rapid testing on-site. The staff of Nationwide Children’s are the heart of its mission and everything is being done to ensure employee health and safety so that we can continue to care for the children and families that need us.