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Gov. Dewine Talks About Roll Backs to Elective Procedure Orders


OHIO – Gov. Dewine says that they are working on rolling back orders against elective procedures.

Dewine Said, “for new or other chronic conditions that may have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life, providers and patients together may consider moving forward with diagnostic procedures.”

He sais these things of course should be done with caution,

“Patients must be informed of the risk of contracting #COVID19 and that impact during the post-operative recovery process. Patients must have the information necessary to make informed decisions and greater attention to the effectiveness of non-surgical options must be made. I’ve described will take clinical judgment and we will rely on our healthcare providers to make responsible decisions as we move forward.

As we continue this phased-in approach, we are working with hospital systems, health care providers, patients, and other stakeholders to determine the next steps. Eventually, we will be reopening our doctors’ offices and dentist offices. Together, we will get back to normal.”

Recently Adena announces 500 furlough employees deficit of 50 million over COVID-19 Orders,”to remain a viable health care organization, Adena is planning to implement temporary furloughs of nonclinical employees, and other caregivers who are not providing direct frontline care of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly one-third of Adena’s workforce of more than 3,000 are being impacted by some measure of cost savings; this includes the approximately 500 individuals who will be temporarily furloughed.”

OhioHealth Berger also claimed losses and impact to losing elective procedures, “we’ve been able to redeploy associates whose jobs have been impacted by the pandemic allowing us to fill open positions, staff up in areas that needed extra support in preparation for a surge, and create new temporary positions as a result of COVID-19. A great example of “new position” is the need to screen everyone who enters our hospitals by taking their temperatures and ensuring they are not presenting with respiratory symptoms. We have filled positions using current associates rather than hire from
outside the organization. This approach has allowed us to keep our associates working.”