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Gladfelter Announces Return to ‘Original Scent’ Mead Plant



With additional layoffs and closures being proposed, managers at the Gladfelter paper plant in Chillicothe have announced a drastic plant to return the facility to its former profitability.

“Its the smell of money” said Anita Sarkskezian, one of the plant managers who is working to retire the scrubbers on the plant, hoping the retro scent attracts new business prospects to the mill.

Due to environmental regulations, the plant added filtration and scrubbing units to reduce harmful and foul-smelling odors from the pulp mill, which caused the area to be covered in a feces-like scent.

The timetable for the removal of scrubbers is uncertain, but an anonymous worker said that they were hoping to complete the ramshackle project before the end of 2018.

Happy April Fools!