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Gas Prices Increase Across Country, is Gas Cheaper Outside Pickaway County?


PICKAWAY – National average for gas is up across the country, if you are looking to save at the pump you may want to leave the county.

A month ago Ohio gas prices were at an average of 2.239 per gallon according to AAA.com, as of this week prices are up to 2.328 for a gallon of regular gas.

Gas is slowly rising in price, but according to experts it wont be a crazy year for pump prices.

“While Americans are nearly guaranteed to see higher gas prices in 2021, it’s not all bad news. Average prices are still likely to be quite affordable, but some distinct and unpredictable changes in the COVID-19 pandemic may leave their wallets a bit more empty this year,” said De Haan. “However, I’m very optimistic that we’ll see improvement in the pandemic and see gas prices stay far under their previous records, leading Americans to perhaps turn to the nation’s highways to seek happiness after a year of stress and challenges, slamming the door on what was an awful 2020,” said Gasbuddy.com.

This week Pickaway county’s average is 2.331 per gallon while some bordering counties will save you pennies per gallon. Ross, and Hocking county average is lower at 2.28.

Sam’s Club on North Bridge Street in Chillicothe had the lowest gas in the area at 2.16 per gallon, but you have to be a member, Marathon just up the road is at 2.19.

For Pickaway lowest price for gas was in Leistville Sunoco on 56 East at 2.25 a gallon when average prices around Circleville were in the mid 2.30s.