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Gary Scherer Moves into Pickaway County Commissioner Setting Sights on Pickaway County Needs


PICKAWAY – Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart and Representative Gary Scherer are changing seats today.

Scherer who is from Pickaway County elected to run for Brian Stewart’s position as County Commissioner and won. Representative Stewart who is running for Scherer’s spot has won his position in the primary in the 78 District. Today those two men change seats.

“I appreciate the support of the Pickaway county voters, I will work hard to deserve their support. I look forward to the good work that present commissioners have been doing, along with all the elected officials in the county. I appreciate the long list of people who endorsed me, and most of all my mother-in-law Mable Green,” said Scherer.

Scherer said that he was excited to come home to Pickaway county, “It feels good to come home to my home county, I went to Columbus hoping to do a little good and I think I have accomplished that. Now I’m excited about representing my own county and aim to do a little good here.”

New Commissioner Scherer talked about the working relationship with the two commissioners that are also holding office with him.

“Commissioner Henson I’ve known since back in High school when he was running over my Circleville High School classmates on the football field. I’ve gotten to know him better in the last few years, I have the highest admiration for him and I appreciate the fact that he is willing to continue on in the role of commissioner and I look forward to working to working with him.”

“Commissioner Jay Whipple is one of the most down to earth people I know. Jay is a quiet, effective commissioner, and I look forward to learning from him and Champ.”

Scherer recently announced a $2.1 billion investment in Ohio’s schools, infrastructure, public services, and local community projects as State Representative. A chunk of that money was aimed at Pickaway county. Below is a summary of key community project funding in Pickaway County:

·         Scioto River Bridge and Trail: $500,000

·         Circleville Ted Lewis Park Renovation: $100,000

·         Pickaway County Memorial Hall: $125,000

·         Circleville Historic City Hall Improvements: $100,000

·         Octagon House: $100,000

·         Pickaway County Historical Society Museum: $100,000

Scherer left the Ohio House 91st District seat due to term limits.