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Family Video Closing After 42 Years Due to COVID-19


US – Family video announced this week that they would be closing the reminder of their stores, siting issues with COVID-19.

“We have enjoyed being part of our employees’ and customers ‘ lives and communities for 42 years,” family video said in a statement, “What started as a handful of 500 square foot video rental locations, grew to 800 locations with up to 7,000 square feet of video rental and retail. Surviving 10 years longer than the big three, blockbuster, movie gallery, and Hollywood video.”

The company says that they started with Beta rental, then VHS, and then DVD and Blue ray era.

“One of my proudest moments are those where our employees, at one point 10,000 of you and customers came together to support the community through grass root events, report card successes, holiday meal donations, and support of lymphoma research and education,” said CEO Keith Hoogland.

The movie rental store says that the impact of COVID-19 not only in foot traffic but also in lack of movie releases have pushed them to the end of an era.