Home News Fairfield Woman Allows Her Dog to Kill Neighbors Farm Animals

Fairfield Woman Allows Her Dog to Kill Neighbors Farm Animals


FAIRFIELD – A woman has been charged and taken to hospital for a mental evaluation after purposely allowing her dog to kill farm animals last week.

According to the Fairfield Sheriffs office a woman (name withheld due to mental eval) was seen walking her dog on a property that was not hers, when the homeowner, who happened to be a county Deputy approached he noticed that the dog had killed his chickens and she was attempting to go towards the Deputies Horses that are part of the mounted unit. The Deputy called police and held the woman at gunpoint until police could arrive.

During the investigation sheriffs discovered that the woman had placed her dog in the chicken’s kennel and the dog had killed most of the chickens. They also received a call from a adjacent property on Coonpath that claimed that his rabbits were killed in the yard and his rabbit kennel was damaged. Units responded after and determined it was the same female with the canine who killed the rabbits.

Sheriffs Department transported the female to the hospital on a mental eval, Charges will be forwarded. The dog was also transported to the Dog warden.