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Commercial Point Mayor Changes Halloween Beggars Night to Friday Due to Rain


Commercial Point – Gary Joiner put out a post in the Mayors Forum last night, according to that post, “After hearing all the input and I understanding your feelings, I will be changing the Halloween date from Wednesday to Friday evening from 6 to 8 pm. I know some of the parents will be upset but I can’t change the weather, I also can’t get police coverage in place for tomorrow. With the rain and lack of visibility associated with that, I believe it is in the best interest of the kids. We will make it official tomorrow on all the websites to include having the school make a call out.”

This post erupted an argument within the small town, Scott Oneil Council person posted, “I spoke with several council members tonight. It seems we have enough members to call a special meeting. However, our council rules mandate a 24-hour prior notice. With that being said, a special meeting would cost the taxpayers $300.00. With the 24 hour notice, it would put the meeting on Wednesday morning. If all members of council were present on Wednesday morning, which some probably would not be due to work, it would take 5 of 6 votes to pass an emergency ordinance to override the Mayor’s decision.
If everything fell into line, and the date was overridden, it would not be until Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make much sense for the council to get involved at this point.

The emails that were sent from the Mayor to Council tonight were eye opening to say the least. The Mayor was/is very upset that some on council even looked into it. Council was told by the Mayor, “We are not having a special meeting tomorrow and I made a decision and we are not changing it”

I guess I’m disappointed at the actions of our Mayor. Moving the day multiple times is out of line. I’m sorry to deliver this news, but I think he waited long enough so it makes it hard for the council to do anything.

Our 2014 Council Rules, (current edition), says the Mayor or Village Administrator can change the date for scheduled events due to severe weather conditions. I’m hoping this changes in the near future by removing that from the council rules and by passing an ordinance mandating the date/time with no room for discretion.

Thank you all.

I’m sorry the Village has been put into this position. But we’ll have to live with what the Mayor says for this year.

Scott O’Neil

According to another post by Scott O’Neil he is not in favor of the change.