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City Council Needs to Make More Budget Cuts By 2020

Mayor Mcllroy addressing city council

CIRCLEVILLE – Budget Cuts are not over for Circleville as City Auditor Gayle Spangler said in the Tuesday Council Meeting, “If nothing changes we won’t have the money to cover the first payroll in 2020. Additional cuts will need to be made by that time, we are currently in the black in the General and Safety Fund but not enough to make payroll.”

According to Spangler they had to hold bills in January and Febuary because of insufficient funds to cover them.

The mayor said that there was a undetermined amount that needs to be cut out of the budget still and in his opinion it cannot just come out of the general fund. That municipal court, law director and city council need to have share in the cutting.

City Auditor Gayle Spanger did mention the possibility of hard billing for EMS and that there may be some furloughs in pay there.

Keller said that the biggest goal here is not to lay off people.


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