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Circleville Council Votes to Oppose Housing Development Because of Citizen Outcry


CIRCLEVILLE – The citizens of Heathergreen Village, a small development of condominiums on Stoutsville Pike across from the Pickaway Golf Club, showed up in council chambers in numbers on Tuesday night to show their opposition to a housing development that would be developed off an extension of the road in their development.

The plan is for 50 low to moderate rental units at the end of a short road within the existing development.

Residents explained that’s not what they want for neighbors, pointing out that this would be bad for the lifestyles they have become used to.  A lot of us walk, bike and visit using the road in question with the uptick in traffic that would deter us from our exercise and our way of life, said, one resident. 

Another resident said, ‘that they are concerned about drainage issues, that they already had flooding issues with a 50 unit building that would affect them even more and he was worried about property values.  Currently, property values are 150-250 thousand for our homes, with rental properties build beside our homes that could affect our values and surrounding home values. He also mentioned that houses on the golf course across the street had even higher home values.” 

Heathergreen is located outside the city, but because the project would be partially public funded they had the ability to oppose the plan.

Barry Keller Councilman said this isn’t about gentrification we already have plenty of low-income housing in the city, some being built now.  The city NEEDS more moderate and high-income housing as stated in the city’s latest bond rating.

The council voted unanimously for the mayor to make their opposition known to the developer.


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