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Chillicothe Witch Says Boyfriend Set House on Fire Twice Due to Eviction


CHILLICOTHE – Three people are being investigated in Chillicothe after a self proclaimed witch tells investors her boyfriend started two fires in their home.

According to a police report obtained by Sciotopost, on 1/06/21 police were dispatched to 21 western ave. on the report of a fire. When the fire department arrived on scene they found a small fire in the bathroom of the residence, it was quickly extinguished.

Police then started an investigation into the cause of the fire, and one of the people who live there said that “she was a witch and cannot lie.” She then told police that her boyfriend who also lives at the residence was angry due to being evicted from the apartment and started two fires, one yesterday that was not reported, and the second one today. The self-proclaimed witch said that her boyfriend set an oven mitt on fire yesterday and tossed it behind the stove, and today he started the fire in the bathroom trash can and left the residence.

Police when interviewing the boyfriend he said he did not at first, but later confessed to the fires, but police knowing the suspect knows that he suffers some mental issues and question if someone told him to say it.

Police noted that living above the apartment is a woman and her two children, who reported the fire after smelling smoke.

A arson investigator was brought into the situation and it is currently under investigation . No one has been charged with a crime at this time.