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Charmin Offers New TP Roll Called the “Forever Roll”

photo from Charmin.com

USA – Charmin inc. has released a remedy for parents who always have to change the roll in the bathroom. The new invention is the forever roll.  Charmin claims the roll will last a month.

The forever roll according to Charmin comes in the same 2-ply soft toilet paper it did before but now is just much larger roll.  Charming is offering the forever roll in two sizes for a one-user 8.7 inch diameter or muti-user foot diameter bathroom sizes, basically the difference is size, and most prefer the multi-use because it simply last longer.

But, wait theres more ordering the starter kit will come with 3 huge rolls plus the heavy duty holder to dispense the large roll since the roll won’t fit into conventional holders.

The kit is available on the website in three different options three options for 29.97 with a floor mount and two wall mount options, one sticky and one screw in.  Better yet the rolls can be ordered online and shipped to your door.

More info here. 


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