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Are You Buying Ohio Milk? Heres How to Tell


OHIO – The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation is asking customers to alert the agency if your local grocer has placed a purchasing limit on milk.

According to the Ohio farm bureau there is no shortage on milk, but they also want you to know if you are buying Ohio milk and heres how to tell.

Ohio farmers have reported that they are having to dump milk due to milk limits when they are actually pouring it out. With the commercial restaurants closing down this has caused a overage on Ohio milk

“The milk plant is full. It cannot hold another drop,” the farm shared on social media. “ delivery trucks, who take the bottled milk to the grocery stores, returned back to the plant with full jugs. Stores didn’t have any more room on their shelves to accept delivery. This created a backlog at the milk plant, who had no choice but to leave perfectly good milk at the dairy farms.”

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation wants you to know what milk is coming from Ohio, every gallon of milk is stamped with a code. The first code number a two digit number represents the state the milk came from. Some larger box stores buy milk from outside states and truck it in to sell locally. Heres the codes so you can tell.