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Pickaway Commissioners Fire EMA Director With Ties to New Holland Controversy


PICKAWAY COUNTY – With national attention being pointed towards the village of New Holland in Pickaway County, the Pickaway County Commissioners have voted to fire EMA Director and current New Holland Police Chief, David Conrad.

The unpaid leave was put forth at the commissioners meeting on Tuesday, July 25th, as per Pickaway County Administrator, Brad Lutz, and decision on termination this week Aug 26.

Conrad is the current head of the Emergency Management Agency in Pickaway County. As per its website, the EMA is responsible for the following:

The Pickaway County Emergency Management Agency is established under the 5502 chapter of the Ohio Revised Code and is under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners. The Emergency Management Agency assists with protecting Pickaway County communities by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to and recover from threatened or actual disasters, acts of terrorism or other man-made disasters.

The Pickaway County Emergency Management Agency coordinates disasters, large-scale emergency response and recovery at the County level, by opening and establishing an emergency operation center to utilize National Response Framework, Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System.

Conrad stands as part of the center of controversy surrounding multiple problems in New Holland. Whistleblower Brad Mick, formerly a Sergeant at the New Holland Police Department filed charges against Police Chief Conrad and Mayor Betzko on Friday, July 20th regarding forgery stemming from the untimely dismissal of then-Chief Jason Lawless. The paperwork triggered a July 21th raid of the New Holland Municipal building where documents were obtained by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

EMA Director job has been posted on the job board for anyone interested in filling that position.

On July 23rd, the Village of New Holland voted in a meeting to fire Sergeant Mick, which prompted outrage from attendees of the meeting.  New Holland has hired a third police chief in place of Conrad and Lawless, Sgt Mosley.