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Woman Found Guilty of Possession of Drugs Sentenced to Three Years of Control


According to Police on September 11, 2020, the task force group was operating drug interdiction throughout the day in the city, around 6 pm was able to stop a person who was leaving a suspected drug house. A free air stiff from K9 Serg allowed police to confirm drugs in the car. During the interview of that arrest, that person told police that there was a wanted subject living in motel room 309 of the Rodeway in located at 23897 US 23 in Circleville.

Police following up on that lead went to the location knocked on the door and gained entry to find the wanted woman hiding in the room. Upon clearing the room police noticed drugs laying everywhere in the room. Police say they then petitioned the local judge for a search warrant for drugs. After the warrant is granted police searched and found copious amounts of drugs. During that investigation, police told Sciotopost that when walking by they smelled a heavy odor of marijuana coming from a close-by room, room 305.

Investigators interested in that clue, perform a knock and talk on room 305, and when the door opened police said, “a strong blast of marijuana smell hit them.” After talking to the renter of that room, investigators learned that the man who rented the room was on probation, so he was called out of the room and a search warrant was requested for that room also. After a search of the hotel room, police seized even more drugs.

During the investigation of 305, another man who was seen going between rooms 305 and 330 who was in room 305 at the time of the bust was questioned and through that information, another search warrant was requested for the third room, room 330. When police searched that room they found equipment for trafficking drugs, which was also seized.

Along with drugs that were found inside the room, drugs were also found on several people when they were searched.

  • In total the police units seized 1.5 Kilos of Raw Marijuana (over 3 pounds)
  • (17) 1 gram liquid THC cartridges
  • (7) 103 gram liquid THC cartridges (721 grams)
  • (1) Cartridge that had 1000 Milligrams
  • 7.1 grams of Methamphetamine
  • 33.5 grams of Heroin
  • 2 grams Fentanyl
  • 812 cash
  • Drug scales, baggies, needles
  • cell phones

Four people were arrested

 Ashlee Burroughs 29, of Circleville, faced Pickaway county courts this week (March 30), she was found guilty of possession of drugs and was sentenced to 36 months in prison (suspended), 3 years of community control, PARS, Intensive Drug Treatment program.

Three others where charged and are awaiting their day in court

Robert Starkey, 50 of Circleville charged with two counts of possession and two counts of trafficking in drugs.

Robert Harris, 31 of Columbus was charged with three counts of possession of drugs, and three counts of trafficking in drugs.

Jason Mcnichols, 36 of Circleville charged with two counts of possession and two counts of trafficking in drugs.