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Westfall Graduation Ceremonies Aimed to be More Traditional


WESTFALL – Gov. Dewine ordered this month for schools to be canceled for the rest of the year and that graduations ceremonies to be directed towards virtual or modified graduation ceremonies. Westfall through planning has decided to create a modified more traditional graduation over several days.

The school said that they are aiming for a feel of a traditional graduation with other elements in order that will make the 2020 graduation unique, and special to this year graduates.

“We are aware of the statements made by Ohio Governor Mike Dewine in his daily press conference regarding social distancing graduation ceremonies. However, the district has evaluated a number of factors in arriving at this decision, and we feel conduction our ceremony in the manner outlined is the most socially responsible while honoring our graduates,” Billy Dennis Westfall High School.

Graduates will be given a specific date and time to arrive at the school these appointment will be stretched over May 13, 14, and 15th. Families of graduates will enter the auditorium with the graduate on stage and family at carpet area in front of the stage. Each graduates name will be read aloud the graduate will cross the stage as traditionally, will receive their diploma directly from Mr. Dennis at the center of the stage with the standard “Pomp and Circumstance” song being played Families will witness the graduate receiving diploma, shift tassel, toss cap and exit the auditorium. Families will be able to take photos. Families will be limited to five members in addition to the graduate.

Westfall has hired a video company called LIVE! Technologies to produce a professionally captured video of each and every graduate going through the graduation process, they will also be capturing graduation speakers delivering their addresses. That footage will be edited quickly into a professional production which will be streamed on May 29th. A copy of that final video will be given to each graduate.

On May 29th the original date of graduation the graduates will be asked to line up in their cars on Randle Road south of Westfall Middle school at 7 pm. Those graduates will then take part in a parade that will take them through the school property and through a lineup of the school staff and community members. The school is encouraging students to wear cap and gowns and to decorate their cars. Staff members are also encouraged to decorate their cars, make signs and make a lot of noise in order to create a memorable send-off for the class of 2020. After the parade graduates will be invited to park their cars in a drive-in movie style screening the complete video at 8 pm.