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Be on the Watch Ohioans Will See More Eagles Soon

OHIO – Ohioans will be seeing more eagles in the near future with nesting season soon to be underway by the nations icon.
Eagles have bounced back from being close to an endangered species they once were in the 1970’s. In 2007 they were removed off the federal endangered list and 2012 the Ohio list. In 2018 ODNR (Ohio Division of Natural Resources) said that there was a estimated 286 bald eagle nest in the state and mature eagles raising 445 baby eagles.
“I am proud of our agency’s restoration efforts to bring back this iconic symbol of our nation, and thrilled the population is thriving here,” said Kendra Wecker, chief of the ODNR Division of Wildlife. “Each time an eagle soars overhead, Ohioans have the opportunity to experience the natural beauty in our state. Nesting season is an exciting time, and I hope we can exceed 300 nests this year.”
Eagles who nest in Febuary/March can been seen well because trees are still absent leaves. The eggs incubated by both the male and female eagle hatch in about 35 days, and young eagles leave the nest in 90 days afterwards to start the new life cycle. Eagles also nest close to where they feed, usually close to waterways for fish so look for them there. Just remember eagles are still protected under the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection act. It is illegal to disturb a Bald eagle.