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Victims of Violence, Two Men Video Tape Attempted Murder in Newark Ohio


NEWARK – Police are gathering evidence on what they are describing as a pair of men who created violent recordings of attempted murder after kidnapping and forcing their victims to brutal beatings.

According to Newark Division of police on January 20, 2020 the division was dispatched to 80 High Street on the report of an assault, when officers arrived they located the victim 49 year old black man with serious injuries to his head area. Officers were quickly able to identify the suspect at Alfredo Coyra, 35 year old Hispanic man from Newark. During the investigation police found that Coyra was involved in at least two other similar events when they obtained the videos from the incidents. During the investigation into the videos a second suspect was identified as Paul Davis Wagoner a 32 year old white man from Newark.

The first video shows both suspects Coyra and Wagoner beating up and tying a 31 year old white male from Newark who has now been identified and talking with police. The video shows the suspects beating the tied up man with fists, knives, baseball bat and other objects, then he was locked in basement for a day and a half.

The second video shows a 19 year old white male victim from Newark, who also was identified and working with police. Police described the video of this victim as akin brutal where the suspect used a pipe to beat the victim for up to a hour. After the beating the victim was video recorded and forced to say he worked for the Central Drug Enforcement Task Force.

Both Suspects Coyra and Wagoner were arrested on counts of felonious assault, two counts of attempted murder, two county of kidnapping for Corya, one count of attempted murder and Kidnapping for Wagoner.

Police believe that there are other victims of these suspects which have not been reported involving either or or both in the Newark area or outside. Anyone with information canc all 740-670-7201