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Verizon and ATT Have Plans to Put a New 132 Foot Cell Tower in Downtown Circleville



CIRCLEVILLE – “They need to put a cell phone tower in this area. They need to upgrade their capacity downtown they have multiple mini towers downtown now to deal with the capacity.” said Don Sherman Service and Utility Director for Circleville.  Verizon has proposed a replacement of the old tower that stands beside the police station at 151 East Franklin Street.  Currently in this location is an aging tower used for police/emergency communications.  The proposed new tower will be much wider at the base, hight wise it will be just slightly taller than the tower that is currently there.  It also needs to be a lattice construction so that conforms with historical buildings in the area.

Verizon’s proposed plan that has yet to be negotiated.  City Council Barry D. Keller said, “I am concerned with using up more of the green space in the downtown area, even though this is not a lot of green space, that spot is important in events like pumpkin show every year. If we are going to reduce green space downtown should we be doing it for a cell phone tower or parking?”
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“Most leases for cell towers can give up to 25,000 a year, its all done by negotiations.  With Verizon tearing down, moving our equipment, and colocating us onto their tower we will see what they offer,” said Sherman.

The positives for this is better coverage for Verizon and ATT users in the area, we would not have to maintain the tower, and we would make some revenue for the city, said Sherman.

These are the detailed Plans and Data: