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UPDATE: One Arrest and One Wanted in Weinland Gang Park Shooting of a 5 year old


COLUMBUS -A shooting occurred at Weinland Park in Granview Park late last summer, August 11, 2018 at 9:43pm.  According to police there were 150-200 people attending a party including young children.  Witnesses stated they heard 20 gunshots ring out and two children 5-year-old Danautica Wilson and 10-year-old Elaya King were shot.  Two adults were also shot 26-year-old Kevaeante Smoot and 29-year-old Cavaris Mills were also injured. Out of the 150-200 people only 3 people were willing to provide witness statements to the shooting.

“Some of the people who where there were Short North Posse gang members and some of them were five year old children at this summer BBQ.  We used old school and new school technologies throughout the investigation.  We checked social media accounts, and performed interviews. This kind of thing is unacceptable at a city park in downtown Columbus.  Swat teams arrested Keveante Smooth without incident and Cornelius Allen has been in communication but has not turned himself in.

Columbus Police said they have others that may be arrested in the future that they have identified but not yet charged in the shooting.

ATF (alcohol, Tabacco, and firearms Roland Herndon said, “Felons with firearms cannot be tolerated in the community.  We need the help of the community to come forward on this investigation.  Mr. Allen we are asking you to turn yourself in, if not we are asking for tips and offering a 2,500 award for information in finding Mr. Allen.  We all cannot stand for this, we cannot stand for our little children to get shot in parks while our children are playing.”

“The basis of this attack was one group of people where mad that another group of people  was there because they weren’t from that area, one left and came back with a AK47.  This was gang related shooting,” according to Columbus Police.