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Update: Jersey Mike’s Subs


CIRCLEVILLE -Jersey Mikes Subs is opening this month according to the store owner.  This sub eatery is opening up beside Buffalo Wild wings.  The new location is set to open at 154 Summit Avenue.  On 8/15 I had a sit down meeting with management to answer some of Circleville’s questions about the new store.

The Manager mentioned, “that they picked this area because they could tell Circleville is growing new businesses, new industry, and growth had them interested in this area.”

According to the Manager of Jerseys Mike’s, “We had a good feeling about this area, its a growing area and everyone we have met in Circleville has been positive.  That’s how we want to run our business also we don’t want just to open the door and sell food we want to be part of the community.  Our goal will be customer service with the food, and we want to be part of that good culture of Circleville.”

“We are going to hire about 15 Good Circleville people, and we want Circleville residents to come and apply. Contact them at Circlevillejm@Gmail.com

“We should open by November, but don’t hold us to that yet we have a lot of construction, hiring and training to do.  We wanted to be open for Pumpkin Show, but we will not make that timeline.”

Today I visited the location and construction is going well, but they are still weeks out from opening.

still some construction to do….

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