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UPDATE: Hunter Shot in Darbyville Doing Ok


Darbyville – Yesterday around 4:45 pm a hunter was shot by a stray bullet while hunting in the backwoods of Darbyville.  Emergency vehicles and Mid-flight were immediately dispatched to the area.

 Jesse Hickman from Orient Ohio was shot in the left groin area and was life-flighted to Grant hospital.  ODNR is currently investing how he was shot, but according to sources, he was shot accidentally when another hunter not in his hunting group was shooting at a deer, missed and hit Jesse more that 300 yards away.”

Hickman needed to be airlifted to Grant Medical Hospital because of his injuries, where he underwent surgery to have the bullet removed.  “They had to remove the slug and make sure there wasn’t any internal damage,” said Zoe Woodland Hickman’s Fiance’.  Lucky for Hickman the bullet barely missed the main artery in his leg.

Woodland told us that Hickman is doing well today and is on his way to recovery.

According to ODNR Hickman was in a legal hunting spot and wearing the proper hunting equipment and is at no fault for this accident.  They are however investing the shooter in this situation to determine any wrongdoing.