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United Way Asking for Volunteers for COVID-19 Testing Locations, Phone Services, Meal Delivery and Services


PICKAWAY – United Way of Pickaway County is asking for volunteers for several different jobs in the area amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“You can be the difference. Takes just 60-seconds to join our volunteer roster. The need is coming. You can be a part of the recovery efforts in Pickaway County.”

Part of recovering quicker from the Covid-19 pandemic is preparing and pulling together efforts through volunteers. With so many people not working this is your chance to get involved in the community and start helping.

Some jobs will have minimal contact with individuals like meals on wheels delivery drivers, they are also looking for people to help to manage phone inquires, and volunteers to help with two COVID-19 testing facilities that will be located at OCU and Westfall schools in the near future. The testing facilities jobs ask for help with traffic control to Drs. and RNs. to perform the testing at the sites.

According to Jama Cobb at the United Way of Pickaway County you must sign up as a volunteer on the website to sign up for the jobs. The login is on the website its a quick process to become a volunteer then you can sign up for jobs needed.

“United Way will become the hub for current information needs, I can see these needs to be increasing over the next several weeks, and we will need the community help to sign up.”

If you are interested in volunteering please click here to sign up, the community need will be great in the next few weeks but we can get through this together: https://pickuw.galaxydigital.com/need/

You can also find out more information by calling United Way at 740-477-8171, Call 211, Email [email protected]