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Tyson Foods Gives 60 Million in “Thank You” Bonuses to Frontline Team Members


USA – Tyson announced today that they will be giving away 60 million dollars in tank you bonuses to more that 100,000 frontline workers.

A statement on Tysons website says, “People make a business. Not numbers, not chickens, not anything else. People make a business.” Our team members have always been the backbone of our company. In good and in challenging times, they have worked hard to be there for consumers across the nation. We’re doing more to support them while they produce food every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyson said they are not giving dollars but thank you’s in the form of money to 116,000 frontline team members, plus US workers qualify for a one time 500 dollar bonus as well based on attendance during the released attendance during April thru June.

“While COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty, one thing that will remain certain is that people make a business. Our frontline team members make us who we are. We’re committed in doing everything to be there for them as we navigate through this together,” Tyson Said in a statement.