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Two High Speed Chases in South Bloomfield With the Brand New Cruiser


SOUTH BLOOMFIELD – Two high-speed chases happened today (March 26) both starting in South Bloomfield, both from the same officer with a brand new cruiser.

South Bloomfield officer Ryan Howard had a busy day that started around 7 pm with a high-speed chase of a Red Chevy HHR that failed to stop when he attempted to pull the vehicle over.  That led to a High-Speed chase up 23, and officer Howard chased the suspect with the help of Ohio State Highway Patrol into Columbus.  The car entered Columbus on South High Street (US 23) turned right on an unknown road and north onto parsons where OSP ended the chase because oct was unsafe.  Columbus Police took up the search for that suspect after the chase was called off by Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The second High-Speed chase started when a 911 caller alerted police of reckless operation on 23 around the Pilot/Sofidel location just south of Circleville.  The 911 caller said that the suburban was driving recklessly at a high rate of speed passing motorist in the median of the road and driving through stop lights throughout Circleville Business section.  Pickaway Sheriffs moved to intercept the truck but were not able to find him.  Officer Howard was sitting on 23 just south of South Bloomfield when the older model Suburban came through, and he took up the chase.  The chase continued north on 23 into downtown South Bloomfield.

The suspect tried to shake the officer by turning right onto onto Main Street then left onto East Street.  The Suspect the attempted to cross the Columbus Turf farm field but watering equipment in the middle of the field prevented him from crossing the entire field, and officer Howard was directly behind him.  He evaded the officer by spinning the truck around facing him attempting to ram him.  The officer mostly avoided that attack taking a few minor blows to the front end of the cruiser, and then postioned front of the suspect. The suspect then rammed the officers brand new truck in the rear.  Then took off west towards Dairy Queen to try to get back on 23.  The chase ended when the suspect attempted to climb the large ditch, and the truck got stuck on the large incline.  Officer Howard was able to arrest without incident with the aide of other officers responding including Pickaway County Sheriffs and another South Bloomfield Police officer.

close mapping of the chase… with a little fun added

The South Bloomfield Brand new Cruiser has 270 miles on it and was put into service new today.  The cruiser received a busted headlight and rear end damage.  The airbags were not deployed that was a false report from someone not on scene.  Chief Ken McCoy of South Bloomfield said, “He is happy that his officer and the suspect were unharmed, and even though the new truck was damaged it can be repaired.”

Update: Jeffery S Graham Jr, 33 of Welston has been charged with Failure to comply with order or signal of Police officer, Felonious assault on peace officer, OVI, Resisting Arrest, Rules for Driving in Marked Lanes, and Reckless operation.  According to reports from South Bloomfield Police department Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a hit/skip from this vehicle also on 23 before he reached South Bloomfield.

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