Home News Two Female Ross County Deputies Dismissed for “Fraternization” not Unethical Behavior

Two Female Ross County Deputies Dismissed for “Fraternization” not Unethical Behavior


ROSS – Drama surrounds the dismissal of two female deputies from Ross county sheriff’s office, so much that Sheriff Lavender came on unusual record to report what happened after internet chatter of crimes inside the walls was wrongly framed.

According to Ross county sheriff Lavender two deputies that worked for corrections within the Ross county sheriffs office were dismissed earlier this month for fraternization with inmates.

The Chillicothe Gazette reports deputies Sarah Smith and Ashley Foster were both in their first year with the Ross County Sheriff’s Office. Both employees were dismissed before their probation period was up for code of ethics for jail employees.

Major William White, jail administrator for the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, said that conversations over the phone with inmates during off-hours were a major part of the investigation.

Anti-fraternization policies have been established by correctional authorities to ensure the safety of corrections officers and the overall safety and security of correctional facilities. According to an Ohio website. Some disagree with these policies saying it is an infringement of first amendment rights, and not enforceable.

According to White online rumor of other unethical behavior was unfounded. If there were other violations and evidence of it It would be subject to prosecution, not just dismissal.

Foster and Smith were given dismissal letters at the beginning of the month stating termination of probationary employment.