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Traffic Light to Be Removed on 188 and Atwater


CIRCLEVILLE – The traffic light will be removed after an accident damaged the light over the weekend at the intersection of Atwater and Northridge road (SR-188).

According to Director of Public Safety Terry Frazier over the weekend a truck struck the traffic light then left the scene of the accident, but it left the light inoperable. However for several months Frazier said that they were discussing removing the light anyways after some initial investigations.

“The light was placed there initially probably because of Atwater school, and Atwater school hasn’t had children there for a number of years. There are some traffic concerns with people traveling eastbound on Northridge road (188) and turning left onto Atwater causing backups in that area because of the light. Through discovery we felt that removing that light would aide in traffic flow and safety.”

Frazier said that the light system would not go unused though, because they have a traffic study investigation at the intersection of Linden and North Pickaway Street.

“The city believes that traffic has increased on Linden (Clark) and North Pickaway and the possibility of placing the light there to better manage that traffic may be beneficial to the residents. We have seen a increased amount of Bus and resident traffic on that road recently and are currently doing a study.”

The city would reused the light system from Atwater at the new intersection of Linden with the unused light poles from the old fire station on South Court so their would be a minimal investment from the city to make these changes.