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The Recovering American Bald Eagle Found Nesting in Pickaway County


PICKAWAY – The American Bald Eagle is a Symbol of The United States of America.  This raptor “A bird of prey” is easily identified with it large white head and tail.  Adults can have a wingspan of over 6 feet wide.  The species is only found in North America.  Eagles like to nest by water habitats, as fish is a prefered prey, though eagles will fed on just about any smaller creature. “The local bald eagles are my specialty and I’m protective of their location.. Not to mention the rights and feelings of the land owners that so many give no regard to trespassing on,” said Tim Brooks local hobbiest photographer.  All photos in this article are of the local pair of Eagles taken by Tim Brooks.

Poisoned by a pesticide called DDT and over hunting in the early 1900s lead to the decline and almost extinction of these animals.  Eagles who pair up like the ones that have here in Pickaway County tend to pair for life.  Their nests are usually constructed a few months before egg laying and both the male and female help construct the nests.

At one time only 4 nests were known in the entire state of Ohio. That number has grown to a few hundred.  Eagles have very few actual predators themselves, most of the Eagles decline was due to human hands.  With reports of another breeding pair by Deer Creek from ODNR.  This is the only nesting pair here in Circleville.
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Please remember that The American Bald Eagle is protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection act.  Even disturbing the Eagles can be considered a criminal act.  So please if you see these Eagles enjoy them but don’t harass them.