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Texas Roadhouse and Why They are Not Coming to Circleville, Yet


CIRCLEVILLE – We are all are wondering when Texas Roadhouse or any other steak house is coming to Circleville, that answer is eventually.

Circleville City Mayor Don McIlroy said in a council meeting in 2019 that he has spoken to Texas Roadhouse and they said that they already serve the people of Circleville. Restaurants in Grove City, Lancaster, and Chillicothe are in close proximity and within a 30-minute drive.

Does that mean we will never get a steak house? No, just not yet.

Growth in Pickaway county is significant, according to P3 (Pickaway progress partnership current population of Pickaway county is over 58,000 people, and Pickaway County is poised to grow upwards of 16,000 residents by the year 2030.

“Pickaway County is centrally located in the state of Ohio and has a well-developed transportation and utility infrastructure system with adequate capacities to accommodate most industrial and business needs,” said P3 on the website.

Property locations for both industrial and commercial are available throughout the county, most companies are looking to take advantage of US23 the pipeline of our area.

During the recent opening of one of the first Del Taco restaurants in Ohio here in Pickaway county, beside construction of one of the first in Ohio Sheetz locations P3 Economic Development Director Ryan Scribner said that this was an example of what is happening in Pickaway county. Developers and companies like Sheetz, Loves, Del Taco, do research in areas before they build. Successful companies are building here for a reason.

Today it’s a Sheetz and a Del Taco, eventually, with growth, it will be a steak house, maybe a roller rink. With more interest coming into Circleville and Pickaway county time is on our side.